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A Soldier’s Story

And because he was a translator, all our family are targets. Before Tamir went to Nebraska, he used to stay in this tent with his wife. We want to go there. When Trump announced that they had put Iraq on the list of banned countries, then all our hopes suddenly vanished. It was corrected on Jan. I never imagined to be outside my country or my area. But we have to. We make our family to be targets for the terrorist groups just because we work with the U.

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My family living in a tent in Iraq. This is my picture when I was a translator with the U. It was a good job, but it was dangerous, too. When they know we are working with the U. Army, we are the first targets for them. This all happened when ISIS came. These are Yazidi homes.

PDF The Journey Continues : A soldiers’ story

They exploded about houses. This brutality is unbelievable. It has all gone with the wind. Women can be bought, sold, traded as gifts. It costs more for girl with blue eyes. This is the place. Could there still be any mines? I was born in this house. After ISIS came, they burned it all down. This was the bedroom. And I love little baby, as well. I love all three of you.

See a Problem?

Afghanistan is completely unsafe. And I will make fences like this one. But I come, like, three to four times a week for swimming. They say that mothers here have given birth in saunas.

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In Afghanistan, children are born in hospitals. But here, it has happened in saunas. Otherwise, I would have been killed. When the borders opened, then just straight away, I flee from Afghanistan. It took 45 days. I passed from 11 countries. Go, accelerate! Well done!

Well done. This is the room where I spend my days and nights.

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Hey, Salam, salam. They are my friends. This is my friend Shukrullah. He is one of my other best friends. We came together from Greece and he is studying Finnish language. And a very nice view to outside. And this is my bed, and it is quite comfortable to sleep and make myself relax. And the very important thing is the papers, these are the papers, how I schedule my programs and my events. I was thinking all that I need to do is reach Finland, I will get asylum, I will get a job, I will get a flat and I will start a normal life here.

But I was rejected. Look at this? What is that? Here you have a lot of locks. I just hope they get their asylum soon. Since , more than 30, Afghans have been ordered to leave countries in the European Union. It means you cannot stay in Finland. I have locked the door.

Journey Home - A Soldiers Story

Let me just show you. Look, in the door, there is, like, a chain and I have put that on in order to lock, so if police come, at least they cannot enter in the room and I can easily escape from somewhere. I have thought that if police come, I will jump from here.

I have no choice. There are seven billion people in the world cannot do anything for one million displaced people, refugees. Hey, seven billion people in the world, you cannot help Sadiq? Everything you see there is Spain. Spain controls two enclaves on the tip of Morocco. If Moussa can get to them, he will be in Europe. Everything is in Europe, not here in Africa. Our land is rich. We have resources. But there is nothing.