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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dayton Ward is the New York Times bestselling author or co-author of nearly forty novels and novellas, often working with.
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The different series have navigated permutations of the challenges therein.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation busies itself shoring up alliances and resolving diplomatic conflicts close to home, while Star Trek: Voyager abandons a Federation ship into a region of space where there are no allies, no maps and a confronting ethical polarity between retaining collective values and surviving dangerous isolation. And so the Enterprise made its maiden voyage much like the overarching storyline: not entirely sure where its was going.

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Made in the days before Netflix, perhaps it was an inability to fast-forward the theme song, or to more easily binge on its episodes, but after a decent viewership for its initial season, the audience for Enterprise fell away. The show was never a hit with critics, the franchise was declared tired and it was cancelled just before the end of its fourth season.

Revisiting the show now, its possible to see that more than the song, or the unsure storyline, it may have been its premise that alienated potential fans. The alien Vulcans — made beloved in the franchise by the friendly Spock — are, in Enterprise, far more cautious toward the earthlings, with whom inter-species contact is still new.

Things Fall Apart

Progressive, intersectional race politics have always been central to Star Trek, and overt since the unprecedented inclusion of black Uhura and Asian-American Mr Sulu in the original series. The unique contribution of Enterprise to the franchise is the complication it offers to the utopian, uncomplicated assumptions of the previous series.

Here, Earth may have outgrown domestic racism but prejudice and hostilities dog and undermine encounters with new species, leading the earthlings into ongoing, avoidable catastrophe. As a show that took much design inspiration from American military services to bring the series closer to the reality of the audience, it may have brought other resonances with that military far too close.

It should, realistically, only take just under an hour.

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Star Trek. The crew's response to the crisis and Kirk's reaction in particular are very much keeping with his ethos at this stage in his life, and helps to set the pattern for how he will approach various challenges in the future.

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Dehner features in this story. I would imagine that one of the difficulties in writing a story that takes place in an era that hasn't had a lot of coverage would be making it feel genuine to that era. We had only one episode that took place during this time period featuring this particular crew, which means that the source material for writing this story would have been very limited. However, Ward and Dilmore succeed in recreating the feeling of that episode, whether it's through the particular relationships among the crew or through small touchstones such as references to "lateral power" and employing the slight tonal shift in language between " Where No Man Has Gone Before " and the rest of the series.

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Final thoughts: A fascinating setup for the stories to come in this series. I would be interested in seeing more stories featuring this crew, but who am I kidding, I love Bones too much to have him away from the rest of the crew for too long.

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Regardless, the authors kept my interest and made me genuinely care about the fate of the people of Mestiko.