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Part 3 Chorus Liebend neiget er sein Antlitz: Du bist dieses Sohnes Mutter! Who would not rejoice that the Saviour offers them a foretaste of heaven, oh, that .
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Even though the single was not officially released in the U. A bonus track, "Gz Up, Hoes Down", was included in the album's first pressing, but not in later versions because of sample clearance issues.

Schubert: Mass D167/Stabat mater D383

Snoop Doggy Dogg could not gain the rights to use the beats because the record company was not willing to pay license fees for using the samples. It is considered the original material used for the Dr. Dre single " The Next Episode " but bears no resemblance to the later song. It is a singing melody with vocals dominating the song and it extensively samples "Oh I" by Funkadelic from their album "Electric Spanking of War Babies". The Lost Sessions Vol. Doggystyle is seen by many hip hop pundits as a "classic" and an "essential" album.

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It has been suggested by some writers and publications that Doggystyle has considerably affected African-American culture. Some publications have held the rap genre responsible for social problems such as sexual violence and sexism, which has been blamed on Snoop Doggy Dogg and other rappers for calling their controversial lyrics "keeping it real. A , especially Eazy-E , Dr. Dre and Ice Cube due to their success and Tupac Shakur , have been held accountable for developing the gangsta rap form; a genre which articulated the rage of the urban underclass and its sense of intense oppression and defiant rebellion, [17] which has been attained through the ability to communicate free of censorship, and has allowed hip hop culture to become a dominant style and ethos throughout the world.

The writers of Enculturation , Steven Best and Douglas Kellner, have noted that Snoop Doggy Dogg and other rappers only condemn violence when it is directed against them, otherwise "they celebrate it, internalize it, and embrace it as an ethos and means of self expression," which some believe has an effect on the black-on-black crime. This imagery of the "gangsta lifestyle" is thought to have influenced young black males into trying to live the same lifestyle and it is also noted by T.

Doggystyle is generally considered Snoop Doggy Dogg's best record, in addition to being his highest charting and best-selling album as his later albums were certified double Platinum, Platinum or Gold although Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told was certified triple Platinum making it his second best selling album and also his only other one to be certified multi Platinum.

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Dre, which shows a shift from G-funk production. Dre, as he left Death Row Records. As a result, DJ Pooh was the main beat-maker for the album. Tha Doggfather followed the methods of a G-funk record and initially sold well, but received mixed reviews and failed to produce a major hit single. The Masterpiece exhibited a more mainstream, pop-oriented theme with new sounds, but remained "hardcore throughout" and featured "plenty of street and commercial appeal".

Snoop Dogg was credited for returning to his G-funk roots in , which was established with his eighth studio album, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment Doggystyle was generally praised by critics. It's set in a dead-end, no-tomorrow world of cheap thrills".

Franz Schubert - Stabat Mater (D383) - 3. Liebend neiget er sein Antlitz

Doggystyle" article, and stated a strong point of Doggystyle compared to Dre's album was its follow-up singles and that "some of the album tracks are more famous than the singles". It said Snoop Doggy Dogg emerged as a rapper who lived up to all the advance hype which came from his work on The Chronic , and discussed songs on the record, stating "If 'Murder Was The Case' is a stroke of near genius, then 'Lodi Dodi' is an example of total genius.

The album also received some negative criticism. Erlewine of AllMusic mentioned the album did not "surprise or offer anything that wasn't already on The Chronic ". At the upper level it may merely be overrated, disappointing, or dull. Down below it may be contemptible. It's inclined to become a touch unimaginative; a tad, let's be honest, dull Despite the initial mixed criticism, critical perception of the album later improved, as Doggystyle has earned several accolades and rankings on critics' "best album" lists.

The information regarding accolades attributed to Doggystyle is adapted from AcclaimedMusic. Doggystyle debuted at number one on the US Billboard , powered by spectacular first week sales of , copies. It also peaked at No. Later pressings of the album, which remove "Gz Up, Hoes Down", do not list either of these tracks on the album's artwork, although "W Balls" is featured. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Snoop Dogg album.

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The crowd is singing and dancing a farandole as it waits for the start of a race. Mireille and Vincent arrive separately but they are greeted joyfully and sing the Song of Magali. After the race, Taven takes Mireille aside and tells her that she has just seen three young men, Ourrias, Alari and Pascoul arguing who should claim Mireille's hand.

Alone, Mireille swears that nothing will part her from Vincent. Ourrias enters and forces his boastful attentions on her but Mireille politely rejects his advances. Mireille's father Ramon enters, followed shortly by Ambroise, the father of Vincent. Ambroise asks for advice on what to do about his son who is in love with a rich heiress; Ramon suggests beating the boy to cure him. Shocked, Ambroise is reminded by Ramon of a father's prerogative which used to extend even to life and death over his children. At this, Mireille comes forward crying "Kill me! Ramon is outraged, orders Mireille to go home then turns on Vincent and Ambroise.

Night Ourrias and some friends are in the wild spot, supposedly peopled by spirits. Ourrias wants to buy a potion from Taven. Alone, Ourrias vents his fury and jealousy and lies in wait for Vincent, who soon appears. Ourrias insults him but although Vincent tries to calm him down, Ourrias strikes him with his trident, and thinking he has killed him, runs off.

Taven hears cries and curses Ourrias as he rushes off, then tends to the unconscious Vincent.

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Full of remorse, Ourrias hurries to the river bank and calls the ferryman. An echo greets his call and moans sound with ghosts floating above the water. The ferryman Passeur arrives and Ourrias impatiently gets aboard. The waters swell, and as the boatman reminds Ourrias of his crime, the boat sinks beneath the waves.

Act 4 First Tableau: Ramon's farm late the same night.

Schubert: Stabat Mater - Apex: - CD or download | Presto Classical

While the harvesters celebrate, Ramon is sad and knows that by denying Mireille's love he has destroyed his dream of a happy old age. From her window Mireille sees a young shepherd singing, and envies his carefree life. Unseen, Vincenette, Vincent's sister, comes to tell her that Vincent is wounded: Mireille resolves to set off at once to Saintes-Maries. Second Tableau: The Crau desert. Mireille, staggers in already tired, and dazzled by the sun, faints as she hears shepherd's pipes in the distance. She makes a last effort to continue her journey. Act 5 In front of the chapel of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

Pilgrims are singing. Vincent is there, looking for Mireille, and she arrives, exhausted and collapses in his arms.

Ramon arrives with Vincenette, and forgives her, but Mireille dies and is called to heaven by a celestial voice. Gounod - Romeo and Juliet. Franz Schubert — Trout Quintet. Allegro vivace - II. Andante - III. Presto - IV. Theme and Variations on the song "Die Forelle".

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