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More Than a Housewife. Sometimes it just doesn't sit well knowing that I am the keeper of the towels. Sometimes it feels daunting, degrading.
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To The Woman Who Is Proud To Be ‘Just’ A Housewife

Stacy was surprised at how much a sound conditioner improved her sleep. I really didn't expect the sound machine to work. I thought it would be annoying and keep me up. I was shocked! I fell asleep faster that I normally ever do. I did have to keep in on the lowest setting but it completely helped.


The blackout curtains were great as well. I have only ever had sheer curtains. We live in the country so it gets pretty dark at night. Again, I questioned if it would be helpful.

More Than "Just" A Housewife

But I slept deeper than I normally do. Normally when my husband gets ups, followed by my oldest son, I wake up and never fully go back to sleep. I basically lose and hour of sleep before my younger kids wake up. Now I sleep like the dead until the younger kids wake me up. It is glorious. The challenge gave me a reason to try to do better.

It gave me a push to make much needed changes. Did you have any problems with the challenge? She is the mother of 4 little boys. She blogs about projects from her tiny cottage style home. She doesn't believe that good design has to be expensive. Stacy believes that having a small budget and a small space forces you to be creative. Re-Staining An Old Gate. View Project. Chicken Coop Makeover. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets. Tips for Painting Doors. Oak Dresser Makeover. So I know my mother's case is not unique.

Sadly, most people don't really realise the significance of their mother's sacrifice for them.

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Truth be told, I still see my mother as a "housewife. I am aware the stigma that being a housewife is degrading exists - I am among those who previously subscribed to this belief. Society has taught us to believe that men do the difficult job, meanwhile, the women are left with the "trivial" stuff. When in fact, household management is not an easy task. To be completely honest, it scares me. Sometimes I think, if that's what it means to be a mother, then I don't think I can do it. To be completely honest, I still don't want to be a housewife.

But if I ever do become one, I would see it as a great challenge. I wouldn't look down on myself - and I hope my future children won't too. We all choose our paths, and this one could be just as fulfilling as any other. So to all the homemakers out there, please know that what you do does matter.

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You are important and we appreciate you. Happy Mother's Day!

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    Just a Housewife

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