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A year later, Rossini wrote Moses In Egypt, quite possibly the most lethal piece of music ever composed. Dr Cotugno, a reputable Naples physician, reported over 40 cases of women literally dying of excitement or being gripped by nervous convulsions while watching it. Many of these later operas have never gained a regular foothold in the performing repertoire, including such forgotten titles as Maometto Secondo , Matilde Di Shabran and Zelmira The dramatic content was invariably more serious, in this case involving the eponymous Queen of Babylon who murders her husband and then unwittingly marries her own son, who later kills her by accident!

During the mid-to-late s, Rossini finally won over the notoriously fickle French public with a series of five works, culminating in with the ever-popular William Tell. Then, with the operatic world at his feet eager for his next creation, Rossini laid his theatrical pen to rest forever. To this day, no one knows why, although there have been a number of theories from being financially comfortable enough to stop writing them to mental fatigue. He saw out the rest of his life nearly 40 years with a few songs, piano pieces, and two large-scale choral works. Although he was brought up in the Catholic faith, Rossini was not especially renowned for his religious beliefs, yet his attempts to adapt his instinctively lightweight operatic style to a more profound medium of expression is notable in both his Stabat Mater and the Petite Messe Solennelle , the latter being scored for the unusual combination of 12 voices, two pianos and a harmonium.

Rossini died at his villa in Passy on November 13, , following a short illness. See more Rossini Album Reviews. Discover Music. Gioachino Rossini: A Life. Rossini Music See more Rossini Music. Rossini Guides See more Rossini Guides. My little girl sends greetings and would like your dear wife to know that she kept her promise at Mariahilf 3 in Passau.

Mozart: Complete Piano Sonatas

Yes, we all prayed for Herr Lorenz. Otherwise you are all well, I hope?

That is our heart's wish. We shall soon write to 1 Manager of the Opera House, Vienna. Perhaps before we get there we shall have some news to send; so far there is none. Francis x we left Linz at half past four in the afternoon by the so-called ordinary boat and reached Mauthausen after nightfall on the same day at half past seven. At noon on the following day, Tuesday, we arrived at Ybbs, where two Minorites and a Bene dictine, who were with us on the boat, read masses, during which our Woferl 2 strummed on the organ and played so well that the Franciscans, who happened to be entertain ing some guests at their mid-day meal, left the table and with their company rushed to the choir and were almost struck dead with amazement.

In the evening we reached Stein and on Wednesday at three in the afternoon arrived at Vienna and took our mid- day and evening meals to gether at five o'clock. On the journey we had continual rain and a lot of wind. Wolfgang had already caught a cold in Linz, but in spite of our irregular life, early rising, eating and drinking at all hours, and wind and rain, he has, thank God, kept well. When we landed, Gilowsky's ser vant, who was already there, came on board and brought us to our lodgings.

But after leaving our luggage safely and tidily there, we soon hurried off to an inn to appease our hunger. Gilowsky himself then came to welcome us. Now we have already been here five days and do not yet know where the sun rises in Vienna, for to this very hour it has done nothing but rain and, with constant wind, has 1 October 4th. Moreover it has been and still is very frosty, though not excessively cold. One thing I must make a point of telling you, which is, that we quickly got through the local customs and were let off the chief customs altogether.

And for this we have to thank our Master Woferl. For he made friends at once with the customs officer, showed him his clavier, invited him to visit us and played him a minuet on his little fiddle. Thus we got through. The customs officer asked most politely to be allowed to visit us and for this purpose made a note of our lodgings. So far, in spite of the most atrocious weather, we have been to a concert given by Count Collalto.

All, the ladies especially, were very gracious to us. Count Leopold Kiihnburg's 2 fiancee spoke to my wife 3 of her own accord and told her that she is going to be married at Salzburg. She is a pretty, friendly woman, of medium height. She is expecting her betrothed in Vienna very shortly.

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Countess Zinzendorf is using her influence on our behalf and all the ladies are in love with my boy. We 1 On October 9th. Schurig, Leopold Mozarts Reiseaufzeichnungen Dresden, , p. Mozarts Reiseaufzeichnungen, p. At eleven o'clock that very same evening I received a command to go to Schonbrunn 2 on the I2th. But the following day there came a fresh command to go there on the I3th instead, the 1 2th being the Feast of Maximilian and therefore a very busy gala-day , as, I gather, they want to hear the children in comfort.

Everyone is amazed, especially at the boy, and everyone whom I have heard says that his genius is incomprehensible. Baron Schell is using his influence on my behalf and is gratefully acknowledging the kindnesses he enjoyed in Salzburg. If you have an opportunity, please tell this to Herr Chiusolis with my re spects.

Count Daun 3 also has given me a note for Baron Schell and has filled me with hopes that I shall leave Vienna fully satisfied. And so it seems, since the Court is asking to hear us before we have announced ourselves. For young Count Palfy happened to be passing through Linz as our concert was about to begin. He was calling on Countess Schlick, who told him about the boy and persuaded him to stop the mail coach in front of the town hall and attend the concert with her.

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He listened with astonishment and spoke later with great excitement of the performance to the Archduke Joseph, 4 who passed it on to the Empress. Thus, as soon as it was known that we were in Vienna, the command came for us to go to court. That, you see, is how it happened. But we had to drive from Schonbrunn straight to Prince von Hildburghausen, and six ducats were more important to us than the despatch of my letter.

Letters of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Book: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Now all that I have time for is to say in great haste that Their Majesties received us with such extraordinary graciousness that, when I shall tell of it, people will declare that I have made it up. Suffice it to say that Woferl jumped up on the Empress's 2 lap, put his arms round her neck and kissed her heartily. In short, we were there from three to six o'clock and the Emperor 3 himself came out of the next room and made me go in there to hear the Infanta 4 play the violin. On the i5th the Empress sent us by the Privy Paymaster, who drove up to our house in gala, two dresses, one for the boy and one for the girl.

As soon as the command arrives, they are to appear at court and the Privy Paymaster will fetch them. To-day at half past two in the afternoon they are to go to the two youngest Arch dukes 5 and at four o'clock to the Hungarian Chancellor, Count Palfy. Her name-day was on October I5th. She died on November 27th, , three years after her marriage to the Archduke Joseph.

And we already have more engagements for the next two days. Please tell everybody that, thank God, we are well and happy.

The Storm of Style

This morning I was summoned to the Privy Paymaster, who received me with the greatest courtesy. His Majesty the Emperor wanted to know whether I could not remain in Vienna a little longer, and to this I replied that I was absolutely at His Majesty's disposal. The Paymaster then paid me a hundred ducats, adding that His Majesty would soon summon us again. From whatever point of view I consider it, I foresee that we shall hardly be home before Advent.

But before then I shall send in my request for an extension of leave of absence. I have put the Em peror's hundred ducats, as well as another twenty ducats, to your account with Herr Peisser. To-day we were at the French Ambassador's. To-morrow we are in vited to Count Harrach's from four to six, but which Count Harrach he is I do not know. I shall see where the carriage takes us to. For on every occasion we are fetched by a 1 At that time Leopold Mozart, second violin in the Archbishop's orchestra, was both instructor in the violin to the Kapellhaus and court composer.

From six or half past six to nine we are to perform for six ducats at a big concert which a certain rich noble man is giving and at which the greatest virtuosi now in Vienna are going to perform. The nobles send us their in vitations four, five, six to eight days in advance, in order not to miss us. Woferl now gets enough driving, as he goes out at least twice a day.

Letters Mozart Family Volume Iii by Emily Anderson

Once we drove out at half past two to a place where we stayed until a quarter to four. Count Hardegg then fetched us in his carriage and we drove in full gallop to a lady, at whose house we remained till half past five. Thence Count Kaunitz sent to fetch us and we stayed with him until about nine. I can hardly write, for both pen and ink are wretched and I must steal time to do so.

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  7. I have absolutely no news to give you, as here they talk as little about the war, 2 as if there were no war. I have never in my life heard so little news or known as little as I have during these four or five weeks since I left Salz burg. I should like to hear some news from you; I hope at least that you will have something to tell me. Has His Grace 3 returned home already?

    I hope that he is well. He must be, I think. I wrote to him from Linz, How is our worthy Father Confessor?

    I hope that your wife and all your dear ones are in excellent health. His son Wenzel was a friend and patron of Mozart during his last ten years in Vienna. Do youknowwhom our Estlinger 1 came across? The innkeeper at Hellbrunn. But more important still, do you know where I am living?