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Irgendwie Anders (German Edition) [Lucie Wettstein] on "​Irgendwie Anders": Die Ausgrenzug von Irgendwie Anders a and millions of other . GRIN Publishing (May 15, ); Language: German; ISBN
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Fotografie und Wissen in Peru und im La Plata-Raum von 1892 bis 1910

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KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg e. Y A Year along the Geostationary Or.

Achim Pettera Reset Gra. Juni Sonntag, Katalog Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Bathtube Theory's punk pop transports us into a summer evening ambience which will in turn be hacked up into small but excellent pieces by No Chronicles with their edgy noisy-jazzy grooves. Attention Horse will then do their best to patch us back up together again with their 80s style electropop letting us loose in full poptastic spirits on DJ team SeriousPrecious4Q for a brilliant finale to our eclectic feminist evening.

Any profits made will go to the Women in Exile's summer bus tour, so bring your friends and donate lots if you can!! Friday Oct 16th Das ist Ihr Berliner Rundfunk During das Wilde Wunschwochenende you can come up with any request. Der Hit-Herbst bei Berliner Rundfunk Thursday Sept 24th After quitting her job, she finds herself in trouble financially and attempts a minor insurance fraud to make ends meet.

Despite its rare view of everyday socialism from a woman's perspective, East German officials were critical of this frank portrayal of a less-than-ideal socialist citizen and turned down all invitations for the film to be screened abroad. In West Germany, however, Evelyn Schmidt's film received much praise for its critical feminist approach. Tuesday Sept 22nd Art Kino 11 is presented as an anti-screening; it's as much about the selection of films as it is about creating opportunities for filmmakers active in Berlin to present their new works in a dialogue with older artworks we like.

The program is a selection of contemporary video artworks and films representing different tendencies within the medium.


GSL Projekt is a collaborative curatorial project that produces exhibitions and events in Berlin and internationally. The Art Kino Film Club aims to establish a permanent forum for experimental film and video art in Stockholm and Berlin; to give the art films and their audience a place and a context that they deserve, for further exposure and understanding. Art Kino screenings feature both works that have touched and influenced us over the years as well as newer projects and artistry that we've come across only recently.

Works from both the Swedish and international art scene. Art Kino program 11, is produced together with the filmmaker Hanna Bergfors. Wednesday August 5th Thursday July 30th She will be presenting an experimental and musical lecture about the nature of Emotional Imperialism.

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Friday July 24th Bands, cake, friends - all wrapped in an extended container!! Yard for rolling around as a bonus!! And seriously.. Lithalsas occur when ice forms beneath the ground and lifts the earth above it.

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Fast and furious, with an explicitly political message. Friday July 17th Countering sexualized, gendered, and racialized violence. Through audio, visual, and performative activism. Where do political strategies and artistic strategies meet — or collide? How do queer cultural interventions become empowering?

How do geopolitical conditions, historical legacies, and personal experiences influence forms of queer cultural activism? An evening with presentations by international artists 8pm and party with Sky Deep on the decks 11pm. Tuesday July 14th The artist creates a collage of past and present ideals of masculinity and their transgressions, visualizing the decomposition of supposedly irrefutable gender identities. Philipp Gufler is an artist based in Munich. Monday July 13rd Monday July 20th Monday Aug 3rd Please compose a sincere letter of request to Mysti: mystismonthly gmail.

Free writing exercises and trust falls. We will keep emotional content in the writing. A reader will be arranged as a PDF far in advance of the course.

raumerweiterungshalle - archiv

Ideally participants will print the reader and have it present for each class so as to doodle in the margins during lapses of interest. Thursday July 2nd Sister Mantos has transformed into a live funk-punk-cumbia-reggea band with thumping bass, guitars and synths! Sister Mantos guarantees that they will get the people moving, grooving and jumping with their unique blend of funk, latin beats, punky-reggae and avant-pop.

Sister Mantos takes the stage in intergalactic costumes and sings songs in English and Spanish and sings about love, queerness and post-capitalist utopias. Lets get this party started!!! Friday June 26th Tired of humanity? Again, no invitation to the queer picnic in the park? Reality is so unbearable you need to understand its patterns? Join the Pessimist Book Club! Irregular meetings will be held to discuss and analyse the misery of this historical present.

Friday May 29th Saturday May 23rd Thursday May 21th This interview was held on a good day. She was not sober or in the most focused of states, but she was happy and having unusually high good feelings about the progress of this project. She has been enthusiastic about her projects in the past. But this time it felt different.

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She has made many movies, all with an idea of spreading joy and insight, not taking in account the involuntarily narrow target audience. The story: At some key moments we will know more than our main character does. He is suffering from selective memory loss. We have to assume that he knows himself best, but right now everything is a painful blur to him.

He is not to be trusted, we can only follow him into disaster, revelations or nothingness. He is going to need help. That sounds easy enough, but we have to consider what kind of person we're dealing with. Tuesday May 19th Saturday May 9th Friday May 8th Friday Oct 3rd Come join us to heat up the Raumerweiterungshalle for a couple of hours one last time before the summer season is over! We will serve you a line up that brings us together on the dance floor:.

Katalog 2018

Thursday Oct 2nd Honorable Mention prize winner at the Oberhausen Film Festival 25 minutes. Monday Sept 22nd Friday Sept 12nd Monday August 25th After successful sessions at St. George's books, Vogue Fabrics and the Southbank Centre, this globe trotting Garfield invites you to enjoy an enchanted evening of literary sedition at Raumerweiterungshalle. With special guests Liz Rosenfeld and Travis Jeppesen reading from their own putrid tomes. Tuesday August 26th Eight authentic and poetic stories interwoven with shadow theater scenes telling the story of Srikandi, one of the characters of the Indian Mahabharata.

This collective anthology transcends the borders between documentary, fiction and experimental film. The evening will also be an opportunity to taste traditional indonesian food and to purchase some of DIY crafts and zines from Mita while hanging out. Wednesday August 6th On our way to finishing the fourth and final act of the operetta "The Swan Song" we would like to invite you to explore the character of Heschel with us.

Heschel is a soft spoken and fierce lawyer who hacks his way through the jungle of bureaucracy while exposing a bleeding heart. Can Heschel bear this responsibility? The evening will present several versions of this climactic scene, exploring text and music. At last, our host will lift the curtain and guide us behind the scenes for a conversation with the Swan Song Family. It is performed scene-by-scene and year-by-year in various venues throughout Berlin. Friday August 1st Push Pops, Margaret V.

Haines, Liz Rosenfeld and Chris E. While it's precursor focussed more on the "show" side of cultural production - on choreography, disguise and rhythm - the second edition will be more introspective and conceptual. The aim is to show a collection of more personal, which allow the audience more space for reflection and contemplation.

May it rest in peace. Thursday July 31th Her current work explores the improvisatory flow of process, materials and ideas that emerge from an interdisciplinary studio practice and the relationship between perception and how the world appears to us. Tuesday July 22nd Soon he gets involved in the uncanny machinations at the set: something is wrong with the film production: he is forced to retreat to a therapeutic center in the northern Californian mountains — with unexpected methods: he finds himself in an acting workshop to his inner jurassic park with Goldblum as his personal teacher.

Travelling, I was confronted with images known to me through cinematic affect: mostly as a teenager of Hollywood films I watched over and over again before being a filmmaker and constructing film images differently. The Pacific Northwest opened a mediated path to a younger self and processes of identification through movies that I hadn't uncovered before.

The persona I created during travelling and making the film was a naive and emotional version of my teenage self and is thus also called Kristof Trakal. Kristof Trakal is a writer, filmmaker and artist living in Berlin and Los Angeles.